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General Questions & Answers

Below is a list of questions we commonly get regarding our product the the end user who can benefit from it's use.

Q. Who needs the Foot+Saver?

A: Anyone that has diabetes or extremity circulation issues. The Foot+Saver makes checking for sores easy and safe.
It is particularly beneficial to those with eye sight flexibility, or back issues. The Foot+Saver replaces all the old awkward methods like hand held vanity mirrors and wall mounted mirrors that people with eye issues or back problems can not effectively use for checking their feet for sores and abnormalities.

Q. What features does the Foot+Saver have?

A: The Foot+Saver
is the highest quality telescoping mirror on the market. Our foot mirror is lightweight, yet solidly constructed to last for years backed by our industry leading limited lifetime warranty. With a sturdy lightweight aluminum handle, comfortable molded rubber grip, telescoping handle for people with back problems, adjustable swiveling hinge on the mirror for extreme angles, and a large acrylic safety mirror that applies up to 3 times magnification; making it easier to spot sores, infections and potential trouble spots. A study done by the VA had 100% success rate in using our mirror.

Q. How do I get an official quote?

A: You can get an official quote by filling out our Online Quote Request. Or you can contact us by any means listed in our Contact Us section of this site.

Q. How do I order the Foot+Saver?

A: You can get all the information you need to place an order in our Order Section of this site.

Q. What kind of warranty does the Foot+Saver have?

A: The Foot+Saver has an industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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